Why Film?

To me it was only a matter of time before I dabbled in film and fell in love. I took a small class on how to better my home videos and that was all it took. I am now jumping in the deep end. I am signed up for a college course and am absolutely loving it. This film above, is my third film and as crazy as it sounds I have been hired to do a wedding this weekend! The nerves are high, as they should be. I take these responsibilities very seriously. It will be a small backyard wedding and a perfect way for me to get comfortable behind my camera in whole new way.

Some (Me) would think that it would be easy to make the transition from photography to cinematography. Some (Me) would be drastically wrong. Photography is all about being still and quick. Film is all about taking your time and capturing movement as much as possible. I have had to retrain my brain when I am filming. There have been tears of inadequacy. Encouraging words from my wonderful husband, then proceeding further. I have a big journey ahead of me in the filming department, but I love learning knew skills and am in love with film. I have already learned so much and have such an admiration for those who have years behind them in their filming career. Don't worry, (Smile) photography is not going away. I am just adding another skill to more fully capture your families!

Over the next couple months I will be needing models to practice on. Interested? If so please let me know. I plan to do a variety of filming styles, from families, mommy and me, airport arrivals to documenting grandma and her life story.

Thank you for your loving support as I travel this new complimentary journey to my business. What a joy it is to learn!