I have been to many weddings in my career. Each one offers such delicious details. One is never like another. I have had the privileged of knowing this bride for several years now and I have adored her from the beginning. I went into this wedding not realizing I would learn so much more about her and her handsome groom. The main thing, is that, they know how to love hard! Each person who came through those doors was loved and they knew it. I had to practically chase her around the event center and even lost her a couple times. (Smile) She and her groom, love their people and wanted each person individually to know it by offering each person a pesonalized greeting. It was inspiring to watch her bring strangers into her fold, instantly and without hesitation. I feel so honored to be one of those strangers that she has let into her heart. I will now love my people even a little bit harder, because of their example. Not only was she the giver of love but she was also the receiver. Each person who attended this wedding was there because they were loved and wanted there, and in return loved right back. It was delicious to witness. It changed me for the better. I am always learned and becoming a better person because of my clients, now family to me.