You're here because you are wondering what to wear for your family photography session! This is probably the question I am asked most often as a photographer and I always appreciate when my clients ask! What you wear does matter. I want the viewers eyes to follow your faces and emotions captured, not the distractions of your clothing. Here are my top 10 tips to dressing your family for family portraits.

  1. I love solid earth tone colors. Patterns and vibrant colors are not the enemy, but they can still the show. When speaking earth tones I speak of... dark browns, ivory, rust, camel, muted mustard, sage, clay, deep forest greens, or muted rose colors, to name a few. For examples lease reference the portrait above and below.
  2. Always dress Mom first. Then coordinate other family members clothing off of her clothing palette.
  3. I recommend doing your best to not match, yet coordinate complimentary colors. Please also reference examples below.
  4. Different textures is something I highly recommend. Ruffles, corduroy, smooth are a few examples.
  5. Bring accessories. Things that always capture well are; a wide brimmed hat for mom, scarfs for the colder months etc... I always try to do some portraits with accessories and some without.
  6. Patterns that are encouraged are floral patterns, plaids as you see above. Sandals and overalls are always encouraged! (Smile)
  7. Don't forget children's underclothing. I encourage that you use neutral underclothing. It is always helpful to wear bloomers or neutral diaper covers for younger children.
  8. White shoes, or loafers always look well.
  9. Make sure kids shoes are on the right feet. I laugh, but really it happens and isn't an easy fix.
  10. Most importantly be you. We don't want to change your style so much that you aren't recognizable.


-extra outfits just in case (babies spit up, things happen)

-make-up for touch-ups

-oil blotting sheets if you’re like me and oily

-dogs or pets

-any props that are sentimental to you

-for toddlers, if you have a special toddler chair you want to bring we can certainly get a few photos with them in it

-for babies that can’t sit up yet, bring a boppy/breastfeeding pillow and a neutral swaddle blanket to cover it


-hair ties, sun glasses, hats

-apple watches, garmins, etc


-wallet or anything else in your pocket



One of the most important things of the day is to leave the stress in the car. Even better, at home. It's more often than not, stressful to get our families ready for this big event. Appoligize at home or in the car and come ready to play! It's okay if the kids are silly or nervous. I have games to help them relax and behave. No one wants a portrait on the wall, with the memory of, "That's the day my parents took my cell phone away". Instead come ready to play games and let the stress roll off your back. You did it!! You're ready. The hardest part is now over! Now comes the good part, creating memories.